Installation of Your Freezer
This Paola Italia freezer is designed to be free standing only, and should not be recessed or built-in.
· Place your Paola Italia freezer on a floor that is strong enough to support the appliance when it is fully
· Allow 5 inches of space between the back and sides of the Paola Italia freezer, which allows the proper air
circulation to cool the compressor and condenser.
· Locate the Paola Italia freezer away from direct sunlight and sources of heat (stove, heater, radiator, etc.).
Direct sunlight may affect the acrylic coating and heat sources may increase electrical consumption.
Extreme cold ambient temperatures may also cause the freezer not to perform properly.
· Avoid locating the Paola Italia freezer in moist areas. Too much moisture in the air will cause frost to form
quickly on the evaporator requiring more frequent defrosting of the freezer.
· Plug the Paola Italia freezer into an exclusive properly installed grounded wall outlet. Do not under any
circumstances cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord. Any questions
concerning power and or grounding should be directed toward a certified electrician or an authorized
Paola Italia Co. service center.
· After plugging the Paola Italia freezer into a wall outlet, allow the unit to cool down for 2~3 hours before
placing food in the freezer compartment.

Electrical Connection

This Paola Italia freezer should be properly grounded for your safety. The power cord of this appliance is equipped
with a three-prong plug which mates with standard three prong wall outlets to minimize the possibility of
electrical shock.

Do not under any circumstances cut or remove the third ground prong from the power cord supplied.
This Paola Italia freezer requires a standard 115Volts~/60Hz electrical outlet with three-prong ground.
The cord should be secured behind the freezer and not left exposed or dangling to prevent accidental

Never unplug the Paola Italia freezer by pulling the power cord. Always grip the plug firmly and pull straight out from
the receptacle.

Do not use an extension cord with this Paola Italia freezer. If the power cord is too short, have a qualified electrician
or service technician install an outlet near the freezer.

The “POWER” light indicates that the freezer is properly connected to the electrical power. The light
indicates power supply, and will glow even if the temperature control dial is turned to “OFF”, or the
compressor has failed to work and the compartment is not being cooled.

 Extension Cord
Because of potential safety hazards under certain conditions, it is strongly recommended that you do not
use an extension cord with this unit. However, if you must use an extension cord it is absolutely
necessary that it be a UL/CUL-Listed, 3-wire grounding type appliance extension cord having a grounding
type plug and outlet and that the electrical rating of the cord be 115 volts and at least 10 amperes.
Paola Italia Temperature Control

 Your Paola Italia freezer has one control for regulating the temperature. The temperature control is located on
the lower right hand corner.

 The first time you turn the unit on, turn the temperature control knob in a clockwise direction to
the maximum setting "7" and run for at least 2 hours before putting frozen foods inside.
This will ensure the cabinet is thoroughly chilled before food is put in.

 The range of the temperature control is from position "1" the warmest to "7" the coldest. Adjust
the temperature control to the setting that best suits your needs. The setting of “4” should be
correct for home or office freezer use.

 To turn the Paola Italia freezer off, turn the temperature control to "OFF".

 Turning the temperature control to "OFF" position stops the cooling cycle but does not shut off the
power to the freezer.

 If the unit is unplugged, lost power, or turned off; you must wait 3 to 5 minutes before restarting
the unit. If you attempt to restart before this time delay, the freezer will not start.

 Large amounts of gelato will lower the cooling efficiency of the Paola Italia freezer.

 If you choose to change the thermostat setting, adjust thermostat control by one numerical
increment at a time. Allow several hours for temperature to stabilize between adjustments.

Defrosting Your Paola Italia Freezer

 When? For the most efficient operation and minimum energy consumption, defrost the freezer
when the frost on the freezer walls is excessive or ¼ to ½ inch thick.
Do not use boiling water because it may damage the plastic parts. In addition, never use a sharp
or metallic instrument to remove frost as it may damage the cooling coils and will void the
warranty. We recommend using the plastic scraper provided with your unit.

 Remove the frozen food from the freezer and place it in a cooler to protect the food.

 Turn the thermostat knob to “OFF”.

 Unplug the freezer.. The Power Supply light should be OFF.

 During the defrost process, the ice melts into the cabinet.

 Remove the drain plug on the inside floor of the Paola Italia freezer by screwing out.

 Place a shallow pan outside drain outlet. The defrost water will drain out.

 Check the pan occasionally so the water does not overflow.

 Clean the interior of the Paola Italia freezer.

 Replace the plug on the inside floor, The Power Supply light should be ON.

 Reset the thermostat to desired setting.

 Allow the cabinet to cool for one hour.

 Turn the temperature control knob in a clockwise direction to the maximum position “7” for a
minimum of 2 hours.

Defrosting usually takes a few hours. Leaving the door open will help speed the process. Also,
pouring warm water (not boiling) on the ice/frost will help speed melting. If you must use a
scraper- please use caution - it is very easy to damage the Paola Italia freezer compartment and void your

Cleaning Your Gelato Case Freezer

 Upon installation of your new appliance, it is recommended that it be cleaned thoroughly.

 Turn the temperature control to "OFF", unplug the Paola Italia freezer, remove the Gelato.

 Wash the inside with a damp warm cloth containing a water and baking soda solution. The
solution should be about 2 tablespoons of baking soda to a quart of water.

 Be sure to keep the door gasket (seal) clean to keep the unit running efficiently.

 The outside of the Paola Italia freezer should be cleaned with mild detergent and warm water.

 Dry the interior and exterior with a soft cloth.

 The condenser coils should be vacuumed when they are dusty or dirty.

 It is recommended that the unit be cleaned each time it is defrosted to help keep the unit odor
free and running efficiently.

 Short vacations: Leave the Paola Italia freezer operating during vacations of less than three weeks.

 Long vacations: If the appliance will not be used for several months, remove all gelato and unplug
the power cord. Clean and dry the interior thoroughly. To prevent odor and mold growth, leave
the door open slightly: blocking it open if necessary or have the door removed.

Moving Your Paola Italia Freezer

 Remove all the Gelato Ice Cream.

 Securely tape down all loose items inside your freezer.

 Remove the rollers to prevent damage

 Tape the doors shut.

 Be sure the Paola Italia freezer stays in the upright position during transportation.
Energy Saving Tips

 The Paola Italia freezer should be located in the coolest area of the room, away from heat producing
appliances or heating ducts, and out of the direct sunlight.

 Be sure to wrap foods properly, and wipe containers dry before placing them in the Paola Italia freezer. This
cuts down on frost build-up inside the Paola Italia freezer.


You can solve many common freezer problems easily, saving you the cost of a possible service call. Try
the suggestions below to see if you can solve the problem before calling the servicer.


For one year from the date of purchase
by the original owner, 
Paola Italia Co. will, at its option, repair or replace
 any part of the freezer, which proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use. 
During this period Paola Italia Co. will provide all parts and labor necessary to correct such defects free of charge, so long as the appliance has been installed and operated in
accordance with the written instructionsin this manual. 
Paola Italia Co. will provide you with a reasonably similar
replacement product that is either new
or factory refurbished. 

 Content losses of food due to spoilage.
 Incidental or consequential damages.
 Parts and labor costs for the following will
not be considered as warranty:
 Chest freezer lid liners.
 Light bulbs and/or plastic housing.
 Plastic cabinet liners.
 Punctured evaporator that voids the
warranty on the complete sealed system.
 Shipping and handling costs associated with
the replacement of the unit.
 Repairs performed by unauthorized

 Service calls that do not involve defects in
material or workmanship such as customer
education, or proper installation.
 Service calls that are related to external
problems, such as abuse, misuse,
inadequate electrical power, accidents, fire,
floods, or acts of God.
 Surcharges including, but not limited to, any
after hour, weekend, or holiday service calls,
tolls, ferry trip charges, or mileage expense
for service calls to remote areas, including
the State of Alaska.
 Replacement of house fuses or resetting
circuit breakers.
 Failure of the product if it is used for other
than its intended purpose.
 This warranty does not apply outside the
Continental USA.

Spec Sheet  

Net Capacity 7.4 Cu. Ft.

Color :White or custom painted

Commercial UL listing

Security Lock

Compressor Light

Power Indicator Light

Adjustable Thermostat: 15% below 0 to 15% above                                                                

Defrost Drain

Rollers for Easy Movement

​Power: 110V / 60HZ

Unit Dimensions: 42.25" H x 35" W x 25.25" D

Crate Dimensions: 47.25" H x 47.5" W x 26.75" D

Unit Weight: 135 Lbs.

Shipping Weight: 200 Lbs.

Power: 110V / 60HZ electrical outlet with three-prong ground. HVAC/R